About Us


Any building of value must be structurally sound, functionally efficient, and beautiful on multiple levels. We refer to these qualities as authenticity, grace and elegance. They form the benchmark of our work.


Some of the most genuine buildings are the vernacular structures developed over time in response to climate and use. These buildings teach us a great deal about how design serves both people and place. To us, the well-considered home is authentic in structure, materials, form and purpose.


All buildings relate to people; the best relate graciously. Our work produces more than just good looks -- it lives well. A gracious home is luxurious because it is first comfortable.


Some places resonate with our souls. We may not always know why but we know when they do. These places inspire us and we strive to create them from wood, stone, space and light.

In our experience, elegance employs the qualities of ingenuity and restraint -- and not necessarily expense -- to solve problems of design and need.